Mea Barath 
Visual Storyteller

Award winner 2021

Baptism photography

Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit."

To have a newborn baby, a new soul, it's the biggest joy in a couples life. To born into Christ's family, we celebrate it together with friends, and our lovely ones. I give you honest memories about this important event.

I document events, and I do more: I also shoot the feelings, the mood, and capture the emotional moments which help you and your family to relive the happening. Baptism is a kind of celebration of life, love and community. I capture memories with a professional and artistic approach to preserve them for the future.


I wrap memories into pictures.

Yes, of course, I would be more than happy to join you from the beginning at the preparation, and after the ceremony, when you celebrate together. These exciting and important moments will be one of the most sweet memories to all of your family on the day.

Of course, all-together family photos also can be taken. These are worth planning for the end - if I come to your family celebration, it would be the best opportunity there - when everyone is got used to the situation and you have dissolved enough. This will make these images much more honest and full of life.

Typically, I give you the pictures in 48-72 hours after the photo shoot, but you’ll already get some photos on the day we met, just for a taste. They are delivered online, via a download link, in high resolution, in professional quality. I also make a small version with a logo that you can use online, email, or share.

The number of colours and black and white images always depends on the circumstances. In this documentary kind of photography, I am focusing on spontaneous moments, so it can depend on the background and the lights, that the black and white version would be better. I will send both versions of the same image if the picture allows it.

packages & prices


3 hours

60 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in48-72 hours
Max up to 30 or more participants 
Location: 3



2 hours

45 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in48-72 hours
Max up to 12 participants 
Location: 2



1 hours

30 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in48-72 hours
Max up to 6 participants 
Location: 1