Mea Barath 
Visual Storyteller

Award winner 2021

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Our Secret Life During Pandemic

International award-winning series

In the 2020 competition of the Budapest International Foto Awards, I won a bronze grade and a 3rd place in the 'Family' category with these series with a personal tone, made during the spring quarantine of 2020, documenting our own family life.

Living in a large family is never boring. But as a result of quarantined coexistence, everything gets really huge. The emotions are intense, the interaction is strong, what I exhale, the others inhale it.

The opening image of the series has also appeared on Sixfeetapart. A self-portrait in the bath. The only place I have the opportunity to meet myself as a mother with a large family. Hello, anxiety and fears...

Everything grew powerful: joy as well as sorrow. Shouting, anger, tears. Dancing, laughter. What is really important appeared before our eyes: how are you, how am I. How can we work together? We learn to face anxiety, to express fears, to let tears flow. The task: to love. My life, myself, my family. Today. It doesn't matter what tomorrow brings.


The series is available on BIFA website.