Mea Barath 
Visual Storyteller

Award winner 2021

Shoot your travel

Which is more important? The journey or the destination? Maybe, the company is.

Memories from your holiday

I am here to save your travelling memories without poses. Enjoy the journey, and live it again and again through the pictures.

We can take a city-trip, go to hiking on the rocks, or swim at the beach - you can decide.


I wrap memories into pictures.

After my arrival we get to know each other a bit, we talk, and I also make friends with the children. Then I start taking pictures. I never tell you how to pose. There are no instructions, your holiday happenings can go on it's natural way. I try to be there as if as I weren’t even there. Of course, we also talk and play on the go, usually I have fun with the kids.

On the pictures, you can recognise only honest emotions, the joy of your journey, beautiful views and the love connections between everybody in your family. You can swim in the sea, or go for a walk in the city, or just hanging around on a playground, if you want to. You can do everything in the way that you are enjoying your vacation most. Just feel good, and let me save your holiday memories in an emotional,  and professional way.

I live in Gozo, but working in Malta and in Gozo, too. If you are in Malta, we can meet in Valletta, and take a walk in the beautiful capital city of Malta. If you are coming to Gozo with the ferry, I can afford more possibilities. We can take a walk in the fascinating harbour of Mgarr and do a hiking on the rocks to the sea, eat an ice-cream and visit the saltponds in Marsalforn, swim on the beach at the amazing Ramla Bay, or exploring the Citadella and the old-town in Victoria.

When you start to booking, you will choose the opportunities.

I just want kindly remind you, if you choose Valletta, it will costs 20 Euros plus.

If your travel send you anywhere else, and you wanna have me to shoot your travel, let's talk about it!

For sure family photos also can be taken. These are worth planning for the end when everyone is used to the situation and you have dissolved enough. This will make these images much more honest and full of life.

Typically, I give you the pictures in 48-72 hours after the photo shoot, but you’ll already get some photos on the day we met, just for a taste. They are delivered online, via a download link, in high resolution, in professional quality. I also make a small version with a logo that you can use online, email, or share.

The number of colours and black and white images always depends on the circumstances. In this documentary kind of photography, I am focusing on spontaneous moments, so it can depend on the background and the lights, that the black and white version would be better. I will send both versions of the same image if the picture allows it.

packages & prices


3 hours

60 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in48-72 hours
Max up to 12 participants 
Location: 3



2 hours

45 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in48 hours
Max up to 8 participants 
Location: 2



1 hours

30 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in48 hours
Max up to 4 participants 
Location: 1