Mea Barath 
Visual Storyteller

Award winner 2021

Wedding photography

It is the day is to celebrate joy, and to believe in real miracles.

Your wedding day is the day when we should celebrate all the moments. The day to enter your own adventure together. 

I am here to save memories about the laugh and the tears, an unposed, unrepeatable and beautiful reality of your Big Day.


I wrap memories into pictures.

Yes, of course, I would be more than happy to join you from the beginning of the preparation. These exciting moments will be one of the most sweet memories to all of your family.

I think, it would be so much better for you, if we are doing it in a simple, easy and joyful way. Just find out, where can you feel yourself the most comfortable, which places are favourite for the two of you, and do something that you like very much. It can be just a walk, picnic in the nature, a cafe at your stamping ground, or anything else. If you don't have the pose, you can dissolve enough to make these images much more honest and full of life.

We can meet on another day, too, so it won't take out time from the happenings around the wedding.

You are going to receive the pictures in 2 or 3 weeks after the wedding, but you’ll already get some photos on the day, just for a taste. They are delivered online, via a download link, in high resolution, in professional quality. I also make a small version with a logo that you can use online, email, or share.

The number of colours and black and white images always depends on the circumstances. In this documentary kind of photography, I am focusing on spontaneous moments, so it can depend on the background and the lights, that the black and white version would be better. I will send both versions of the same image if the picture allows it.

packages & prices


12 hours

600 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in2 weeks
Max up to 500 participants 
Location: Preparation + Church + Celebration



6 hours

300 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in1 week
Max up to 200 participants 
Location: Church + Celebration



3 hours

120 high-resolution edited images
Photos delivered in1 week
Max up to 120 participants 
Location: Church