Mea Barath 
Visual Storyteller

Award winner 2021

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Zechariah was my daughter's classmate in kindergarten. They were the first family who specifically asked me not to have them pose when I took their photos, because that really is not them. And really. Because with them, every smile, every laugh, and every tear creeps under your skin. Every moment of their lives is such a strong reality. The power, and the joy of life around them - is not ordinary. Nor is their life. Special people. I am grateful to know them.
They live their destiny, struggling every day with what they have to do - not ceasing to love Life.

Zechariah is a member of the Diósd Saints American Football Club team, the highlight of his week are the training sessions. Christina, his mother, brings him to the sports field every day, and she is the most enthusiastic fan from the edge of the field.

Zechariah was 15 years old, when these photos were taken. He has needed the help of others since he was born. If you see him, that's clear. But what is not so much clear is that his mother also needs help. She brings astounding forces to the surface from her soul day by day, with an unbelievable smile on her face. Her physical and mental fitness is continuous. She's tired, though. She's sad, though. She's desperate, though. She also.
If you want to, you can help them, don't hesitate to get in touch with me to find out how!

These series was exhibited by Marie Claire magazine in Expand your space! photo exhibition at the Allee Centre in the summer of 2020.